" Black Color is Sentimentally Bad"
But " Every Black Board Makes The Students Life Bright "

- APJ Abdul Kalam

Our goal is to create a place that engages each child

Always innovative

Learning through process of exploration and discovery. Moving away from conventional method to ensure effective implementation of the curriculum.

Pursuing Excellence

The school strives to orient the children to academics, fine arts, physical education and formal school preparation as well as developing an awareness of social and environmental needs.

Growing by Learning

Overall development of pupils mind through personal, social and emotional development which is covered through exceptional tools to get pupil interest in learning for rest of their lives.

Global Citizen

Making pupil to grow and acquire with strong, positive human values and skills which will help them to balance their personal wants and needs against of others and make positive contribution to society.

Enroll Your Child to Gladiolus

Activity based curriculum

Small Size Class

Nutritous Meals

Indoor and Outdoor learning

Creative arts & crafts

Educational Games

Parent and Pupil relationship

Safety and Security

  • Integrated development with quality attention to every child.
  • Development of a good physique with muscular co-ordination and motor skills.
  • Development of good health habits and building up of basic skills necessary for personal adjustment such as dress, toilet, washing,
    eating, good manners.
  • Development of emotional maturity by guiding them to express, understand, accept and control their feelings and emotions.
  • Encouraging to aesthetic appreciation.
  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity and to helping them to understand the world in which they live and to foster new interest by giving
    opportunities to explore, investigate and experiment.
  • Encouraging independence and creativity by providing sufficient opportunities for self–expression.
  • Improving communication skills by developing the children’s ability to express their thoughts and feelings through fluent, correct and clear speech.