‘’Education is not the learning of facts, It’s rather the training of the mind to THINK’’
- Albert Einstein.

Our Programs

Our programs provide an additional opportunity to extend children’s learning in ways that enhances children’s learning at home and in the community.


Premium Pre-School Program

Gladexcellence academic program is designed to encourage young children and make them learn and gain knowledge to succeed in their five fold developmental growth. Programme offers a fun, playful
,happy environment to nurture children.  To accomplish this, we are providing safe, secure, happy and self  engaging environment. Under five fold developmental growth, we nurture each child to grow in all areas physical, emotional, social, intellectual and language. Our GladExcellence centre offers a happy
and enriching home.
In addition, GladExcellence Programme offers early childhood experiences to inculcate social, creative and motor skills in young minds. This program helps toddlers develop their communication language and logical skills through our specially designed curriculum.

GladBuds (2-3 Years )

Gladbuds program helps toddlers to develop their communication skills and logical skills through our specially designed curriculum.

GladCare (2-6 Years )

GladCare centre is happy and enriching home to children, where we provide safe, secure friendly environment.

GladKids (3 to 6 Years )

GladKids program helps children to prepare kids for formal schooling and to prepare a secure foundation through various learning techniques, encourage to support equal opportunity in nurturing environment and creating close relationship between parents and teachers.

GladExcellence: Premium Pre-School Program (2 Years Plus)

Gladexcellence academic program is designed to encourage young children and make them learn and gain knowledge to succeed in their five fold developmental growth. Program offers a fun, playful happy environment to nurture children.


Families play an important role in child’s life as they are always important teachers. Our well designed activity based programs which support children to develop their foundation skills to meet their potential and pursue talents. Our skilled teaching strategy encourages children to think and ask questions, engage them in conversation about things that excite them, and integrate learning into explorations and plays. We focus on child development areas in appropriate learning opportunities during these years, children are able to build strong and long lasting neural connections, creating an academic foundation that lasts them a lifetime. They are curious, energetic, active and very eager to learn all from experiences.

Curriculum at Gladiolus Learning Academy has been specially designed to provide quality learning experience through activity based, It is a complete solution to the modern education.
Based on detailed studies  and activity based  teaching methodology, Gladiolus offers Child-initiated approach for teaching young minds. As, this is a well researched curriculum it ensures joyful learning for kids.
This is just not a collection of themes and activities. It is the academic culture of our academy.
Gladiolus teaching philosophy reflects in its 3 C’s Curriculum- Child, Content and Context.
Curriculum is planned around children’s interests, curiosity and their natural quest forknowledge; leading to inquiry, investigations,discovery and active hands-on explorations. Expectations for  holistic  goals,   development  of life skills, dispositions and attitudes towards learning, as well as academic competence are promoted through innovative integrated curriculum and project work. These two vigorous curricular are further complemented byan interactive, hands-on skills-based curriculum; all of which are designed to cater for process-oriented learning and the acquisition of knowledge, concepts and skills for our students.
Stimulating curiosity while developing independence in thought and action.
Activity based learning will be the predominant way of induction for the children to learn and gain the various objectives outlined above.